About us

Learning Made Fun!

Teachy Games was founded in 2015 by Florencia Liubitch, with the aim of meeting the needs of language teachers in the classroom.

The idea of offering motivating resources and materials for students, as well as didactic and versatile materials for teachers, allowed the Teachy Games team to create and design a selection of didactic games focused on teaching second languages, based on their own educational experience.

The first collection of games, launched in 2016, was created specifically for English language teachers. Designed and manufactured in Spain, completely adapted and focused on working both vocabulary and grammar under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. A collection that perfectly complements the teaching material available in schools and language centres, designed entirely on the basis of official academic tools.

The latest collection, launched in 2022, is a clear example of evolution and transformation, adapting our principles, values and business ideology to the new times and above all to the new needs of students and teachers.

Social media has allowed us to provide teachers with a large bank of ideas and resources to make the most of our games, as well as to stay in touch with the entire educational community and share new ideas and impressions.

Today we can say that Teachy Games has gone from being an idea to becoming a project based on the work, effort and dedication of a great team of passionate professionals from the world of education.