Match the idiom with its definition.

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come up to scratch be satisfactory
be a piece of cake be very easy to do
sleep like a log sleep very well without waking
your heart sinks feel very discouraged
keep an eye out for sth/sb watch for sth/sb to appear
be up to your eyes in sth be very busy with
go from bad to worse sth gets worse
recharge sb’s batteries do sth to get new energy and enthusiasm
speak out against sth say publicly that sth is bad
give sb food for thought make you think seriously about a topic
make sb’s day make sb extremely happy
keep an eye on for sth/sb watch sb/sth carefully
get the short end of the


take sth with a pinch of salt not believe sth to be true
talk down to sb talk to sb as if they are not very intelligent
twist sb’s arm persuade or force sb to do sth
pull sb’s leg play a joke on sb by making them believe sth that isn’t true
put your foot in it out of the blue say or do sth wrong, foolish or embarassing
let the cat out of the bag completely unexpected
break the ice reveal, tell a secret
be all fingers and thumbs make people more relaxed in a new situation
take the bull by the horns have an inferiority complex about sth
give a chip on your shoulder take a risk
stick your neck out wait and be patient
hold your horses in the dog house in trouble with another person
be a far cry from sth be completely different from sth

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