Phrasal verbs


Match the phrasal verbs with the definitions.

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This game contains: 40 chits (20 pairs)

Solutions are on the back side of the box.

give (sth) up stop trying, abandon
make (sth) up invent a story, an excuse, an explanation
make (sth) up decide
go on continue
go on happen
take off leave the ground and rise into the air
take (sth) off remove
throw (sth) away dispose, discard
try out compete for a role
set off start a journey
run out of come to an end of sth
hang on wait
get over recover
find out discover
look (sth) up search for information in a book
put (sth) away put in the correct place for storage
deal with do sth in order to solve a problem or achieve sth
go through examine
put off postpone
call off cancel

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