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This game contains: 63 cards (21 questions)


What is your surname? Smith.
Where do you live? In London.
How many apples do we have? Five.
How much sugar do you want? A little.
When is your birthday? The 3rd April.
Which is your favourite food? Pasta.
How long do I have to wait? 3 hours.
How often does he eat pizza? Once a week.
What time does the class start? At 9:00.
How old are you? 23 years old.
Does she play tennis? No, she doesn’t.
Is he sleeping? Yes, he is.
Why are they crying? Because they are sad.
How tall is that building? 150 mts.
Are they eating? No, they aren’t.
Is there a school near here? Yes, there is.
Who is your teacher? Susan.
How far is the sea? 230 km.
Are there ten girls in your class? No, there aren’t.
Do we study English? Yes, we do.
Did you go shopping yesterday? No, I didn’t.

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