Scattergories is a multi-player word game where the objective is to earn the most points by making a list of words that all begin with the same letter.

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Pack Scattregories Teachy Games



  • Block Scattergories 100 pages A4 80gr.

How to play:

  • Hand out a page to each student. Where they will write underneath vocabulary, the topics you want to work in class.
  • Choose the letter you are going to play with.
  • Establish time to play each round, where students should find words in all categories beginning with the letter displayed.
  • After each round, the players compare the words they have found. Each unique word will receive ten points. Players who share the same answer in a category will receive five points  for that specific words.

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A1, A2, B1, B1+, B2, C1, C2


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