Taboo Phrasal Verbs


Learning vocabulary and practise speaking.

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This game contains: 60 cards (4 topics)


A2 shut up

break down

get on

write down

throw away

put away

fill in

check in

get up

wake up

look after

ask for

watch out

put on

switch on/off

B1 clean up

hang out

cope with

break out

bring about

fall out

put off

take up

find out

eat up

do without

clear up

hand in

get better

turn down

B2 look forward to

look up

give up

keen on

catch up

run out of

make up

pick up

go back

take off

warm up

lie down

save up

carry on

get in touch

C1 split up

talk out of

put forward

get across

follow through

hang around

bring up

cut down on

call off

chill out

cover up

care for

show off

get over

gather up

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